C4′s ‘What the Green Movement Got Wrong’: A Quick Riposte

The recent documentary ‘What the Green Movement got Wrong’ by Stewart Brand was a welcome change of focus and many thought it would address the clouding of the climate issue and the problems with its framing within the media. However it appeared one sided focusing on nuclear power and GM foods and how if environmentalists hadn’t campaigned against them at the time the world would be a better place.

This short article quickly shows the counter points and corrects some of the more sensational statements made. If you haven’t seen it yet watch it here.

Opposition to GM foods caused starving in Africa

The report blamed environmentalists for starvation in Africa and energy scarcity throughout the world. “That blame is misplaced. Of all those at fault for drought and food shortage in Zambia, environmentalists rank low on the list”, Adam Werbach, former Sierra Club President. War, corruption and disease are far greater to blame and those needing to blame someone for these should focus on the bigger issues affecting the African nations. Continue reading


What is the UK doing about Climate Change?: Nottingham Declaration

In the UK we are decided that climate change is an issue worth dealing with. With countless world leading scientists based here delivering top research to further validate the expanding evidence.

So now the facts are decided its time for the policy makers to do something about it and that means politicians…. never the fastest of movers unless they are saving their own skin.

While the UNFCCC attempts to get all parties to agree on a global emissions reduction policy other work has been going to prepare for such an agreement. In the England one of the most significant statements has been made by local authorities  and comes in the form of the Nottingham Declaration.

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